I am a self-taught web developer. I was born in Toronto, raised in Mississauga, and currently reside a little north of Newmarket.  I hold an Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto and a Diploma from Sheridan College.
I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a gorgeous baby boy.

I have worked for Costco for many years and it is through working in this fast paced environment where I learned that customer service should come first in everything I do. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many small business owners over the years so I understand how expensive it can be to market your small business. With this in mind I decided to combine my interests in the web, business and design to begin my own business to help small and medium sized business owners with their everyday marketing needs.

As I said above I am self-taught in this industry and although some may see that as a disadvantage, I see it as an asset. I chose to do this because of my passion for it, not because of the need for a job. My small size also translates into better prices for my customers since I don’t have a large design studio and all the corresponding expenses to go with it and since I work on a freelance basis I choose to take only a few projects at a time. What this means for my customers is personal one-on-one time going over the goals of your project. Go ahead, read what my customers have to say about me and shoot me a message. I can’t wait to hear from you and sink my teeth into the next exciting project.

The Pixel’s Edge

Steve Agostinho from The Pixel's Edge